Hi! 👋
My name is Bolaji Yusuf, I'm a Backend/DevOps Engineer, and Entrepreneur, I build and deploy web applications for a mission-driven organization.

My interest in software development began back in 2015 when I tried to build software to promote independent artists, I ended up using WordPress to create the platform, and very soon I started editing the template without even knowing I was using HTML and CSS.

Throughout my 4 years of professional experience, I have taken that curiosity and lifelong learning mentality as some of my core values, and I've led teams and built backend systems in diverse industries such as Fintech, Logistics, Real Estate, and Education with Javascript, Nodejs, MongoDB, Redis, and Typescript used by thousands of users

Furthermore, I also design, build, and manage infrastructure for the development team; this includes creating CI/CD pipelines, scaling servers, automating repetitive tasks, monitoring, and reporting on server usage, security, and cost reductions.

Lastly, i like finding interesting problem, journaling to get a clearer picture of it and building a solution for this problems. I have even started my own startups, bblog and Querrix, but unfortunately, they did not receive funding to push forward.

When I'm not working, I learn new tools/skills and share what I learnt on Hasnode, as well as teaching beginners software development through SkillupAfrica or DDI ,